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Qualitative - Behavioral

Diary Study with Usability Test techniques, Interview and Participatory Design 

(Sequential Explanatory Mixed Method)

This research uses a mixed-methods approach to understand how the platform can better support education-seeking users. Of the150 diary study participants, 35 were randomly selected for a 30 minute 1:1 follow up interview and a 20 minute participatory design session (n=35). The goals were to identify distinct user personas, understand the typical Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) by users, and explore new design concepts for both mobile and desktop versions of Instagram. 

Work Samples (Unmoderated Usability Tests &
UXR Assimilation Sample)

These are example readouts for diverse stakeholder teams who are looking to update a shopping cart experience. Vivid Seats is a ticketing company for live events (Comedy, Sports, Theatre, Concerts, Etc.) 
The last file linked is an example of the types of information that is typically needed to be learned in an inter-disciplinary experience. These engagements help future collaborations become more efficient overtime. 
Formative Unmoderated Usability Test PDF
Competitive A/B Unmod Usability Test PDF
UXR Update (Inter-department Assimilation Session) PDF



These are reports for varying artificial intelligent experiences. Each report has their own unique set of personas and research questions. 

  • Testing Nomenclature Differences Across Multiple Disciplines

  • Business Value Props for Teaching Quants How to Think Qualitatively (Or, How AWS can charge you for changing your Culture.)​

  • SME Interviews, How Not To Frame Youth Interactions with Powerful Tools 

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These are case studies that prepped a Design Sprint team with knowledge to 

Enterprise Conversational AI - Log Analysis for Ethnographic Inquiry 

Subject Matter Expert In-Depth-Interviews

Focus Group on B2C Conversations 

Design Sprint Usability Test

Conversational AI Success MetricsD

Survey and SUS Score Analysis

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Work Samples (5 Second Image Testing Report & Benchmarking Deck)

These reports are an example reporting method from a 6-month 3 phase study (several studies were conducted within each phase.) The 5-second image testing was part of the first design iteration phase; the second example was part of the benchmarking phase with SUS and predictive analytics. Both show the qualitative and quantitative mixed methodologies with recommendations.


(Click here to view the 5-second image testing.)

(Click here to view the Unmoderated Benchmarking Study.)


Heuristic Review and Prototyping

An app critique which dives deep into cognitive HCI violations, pain points, and missed opportunities for select functions. The critique includes general research plans, new interface recommendations and strategic new design directions. 

Google Material Design Heuristics and Prototyping

Enablon is a EHS Software company which wanted a design of 3 new views for their Dashboards, but also wanted them to meet W3C accessibility standards.

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