Senior UX Researcher 

3 weeks - Exploratory Methods: SME Interviews, Heuristic Review, Product Analytics, Ethnography, IDIs

Virtual Machine (Proprietary Screen & Audio Capture), Excel, Stats-IQ Qualtrics


My client is a cable company provider (internet, TV, and phone) which was recently bought by a larger company that wanted to simplify the diagnostic experience of their call center agents with a new interface. The first major problem was that they needed to know what the experience was like in general, and what the most common problems were. 

Exploratory Goals

  • Identify quantitative and qualitative problems for call center agents 

  • Describe the agent journey for a single call (workflow and tools)

  • Explore pain points, workarounds and inefficiencies

Engine Belts


Week 1

Stakeholder Elicitations

SME Interviews

Heuristic Review

Product Analytics

Week 2


Week 3

In-Depth-Interviews (IDIs)

mean user behavior on interaction X

each user behavior on interaction X

expanded equation - something SPSS & STATA do for you

percentage of times Y pain point

is associated with X interaction/behavior

simplified equivalents