Senior UX Researcher + Designer-Transitioning into Research  

9 weeks


1- 4 Weeks: Heuristic Reviews, SME IDIs, Product Analytics, Ethnography

5 Week: Group Education and Participatory Design Workshops

Week 6-8: Usability Testing 


Week 9: Benchmarking Study Usability Study + SUS Validation Survey

Virtual Machine (Proprietary Screen & Audio Capture), Excel, Stats-IQ Qualtrics


My client is a cable company provider (internet, TV, and phone) which was recently bought by a larger company that wanted to simplify the diagnostic experience of their call center agents with a new interface. The first major problem was that they needed to know what the experience was like in general, and what the most common problems were. The ultimate problem that the needed to solve was the ability to predict conversations, and what conversational inputs were needed. Users spanned diverse education and disciplinary backgrounds, and so the design inputs had to be multifaceted and easy to understand- especially in the context of uncertainty about the relevence of the input itself. . 

Exploratory Goals

  • Identify quantitative and qualitative problems for call center agents 

  • Describe the agent journey for a single call (workflow and tools)

  • Explore pain points, workarounds and inefficiencies

Engine Belts
Work Desk

Weeks 1-4

Heuristic Reviews
Product Analytics

mean user behavior on interaction X

each user behavior on interaction X

expanded equation - something SPSS & STATA do for you

percentage of times Y pain point

is associated with X interaction/behavior

simplified equivalents